LRR 023 Gas Huffer  Ooh Ooh Ooh/Flaming Star 7"

Seattle's bastion's of goodness steal into Kearney Barton's world famous Audio Recording's Studio and reel off a lo-fi punker. Raw and ready! The flip side is a home invasion of Graceland as Elvis is tied up until the bacon is done.

LRR 016 Jesus Christ Superfly "Guns" 7" 

Destined to de-throne ZZ Top as the premier 3 piece combo working the Lone Star state, JCSF fire a couple of shots from different directions. The A side busts out of the studio while the flip bursts into the bar.

LRR 029 The Mants "M.A.N.T. From Uncle"  7" 

As they claim themselves "1/2 Man, 1/2 Ant, All Asshole". The first in a series of three singles. Phlegm ridden macro punk from the bad side of the Rockies. Rumour has DGC looking at them. Get in on the ground floor of this SG riddled sordid punque affair

LRR 026 The Onyas "Live For Rejection" 7"  

Back when bludgeoning wasn't an offense, the Onyas ruled the great land of Australia. They decided to form a band and take on the rest of the world. The movement they created was called "thug punk". Words speak as loud as music. Don't miss out on this ripper.

LRR 015 The Stupes "Share It" 7"

Guerrilla punk! Short little blasters that get the job done and don't linger around for the aftermath. "Hoodlum" redefines the role of organ in contemporary sounds. Guaranteed to please. Ultra swank artwork as well.

LRR 011The Subsonics "I'm Looking Over My Shoulder" 7"

A true treasure by Atlanta's most important export. If you've seen them you know what I mean. Putting the "show" back into "show". Super fun, as is this 45. Side one is a frenzied paranoid piece while the backside clobbers a couple of instrumental masterpieces. Marbled wax for those who care.


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