The Ka-Nives  "Dear Dad" 
LRR 037  7"      

The first new 7" on Lance Rock in the better part of a decade! The Ka-Nives fall deep in the trench of Texas punk past. A lo-fi ambivalence and reverence co-exist on their debut slab. Lock'em up with the Jack O'Fire, Party Owls, Sugar Shack or your favourite band from "W Country". (Yes, they do have a certain Archie Bell and the Drells feel). Convinced that easy is better and quicker the tracks were pilfered from better artists. Side A is a cover of Joe and the Furies's "Weasel" whilst side B is Chuck Berry's "Dear Dad". I applaud this effort. Why write new songs when good ones exist already? Seems silly. That's short and long of it. Band features ex-members of Junior Varsity, the Jewws and 1-4-5's not to mention Jandek's son. Limited to a mere 300 as I'd like this to be on Ebay in a year or two and wonder why I didn't keep any.

The Ka-Nives  "GET DUPED"   LRR 040   LP 

Pseudo legendary Houston based power trio The Ka-Nives. The Ka-Nives have been a considered by many the natural link between Sugar Shack and George W. Bush. They drink, make a racket and seldom have a clue of what's going on. There live shows have been powered by beer cans, insolence and a solid dose of Eastern Bloc gymnastics. Tour dates include playing to 6 people at a house party. This vinyl only pressing of 300 comes with an exclusive bonus track that is only available on the record. Each copy is hand numbered and limited to one firing day. There is a deluxe 12 page booklet included with every record. The Ka-Nives have: Never been invited to SxSW. Never toured with Coldplay. - Thrown all their records into a New Orleans crowd. Not tried really hard to be popular even though…….they released a 45 on Lance Rock Records that people liked. Recommended if you like: Simon and Garfunkel, Samhain, Judee Sill, Electric Light Orchestra, Commercial Suicide. Now that we have fulfilled the obligatory one-sheet info we'd like to add that the band is great. They are a great punk rock band with the right attitude, dumb ass songs and a sense of humour. Buying this record will likely brighten your day.

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