Asteroid B-612 "All New Hits" LRR 027 CD              [ next | back | main ]

1. Straight Back To You
2. Which Way
3. You Know I'll Never Be Good
4. Can I Touch It?
5. Destination Blues
6. Farewell Cosmic Commander
7. Teen Sublimation Riff
8. Edge A Bit Closer
9. I've Had You
10. Undertow
Guitars as big as big. More rock than rock. This champion is a damn wolverine in your sacred rock hen house. It's guaranteed 100% grade A rock and roll. If I had Ginsu knives I'd throw them in but trade laws forbid. Do the right thing.
Asteroid B-612 "Gimme Some Truth"  LRR 014  7" 
A. I've Had You
B. Gimme Some Truth
Relentless spine tingling guitar genius from Sydney Australia. The only true heir apparent to the Birdman throne. Simply the top of the heap of all the new Aussie bands. Don't miss out, this rips.

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