The New Christs  "Born Out Of Time" LRR 020 CD SOLD OUT !           [ next | back | main ]

1. Circus Of Sour
2. No Next Time
3. Sun God
4. Coming Apart
5. Born Out Of Time
6. No Way On Earth
7. I Swear
8. Love's Underground
9. Burning Of Rome
10. Like A Curse
11. Afterburn
12. Another Sin
Twelve re-mastered gems from Australia's finest. If you need rock, there is rock. Need a little bitterness towards an ex, we got it. Like guitars? The right place. Fans of well written songs? Step up. High production values? Oh yeah. Extensive liner notes? In the house. I could go on but this is simply my favourite record of all time. If you buy it and don't like it, I'll give you your money back. Plain and simple. SOLD OUT !

The New Christs "Pedestal" LRR 012 10"    

1. Pedestal
2. The Way You Suck Me Down
3. She Comes In Colors
4. The Seeker
Here we catch up with Mr. Younger and Co. returning from hiatus. A few years in between releases but no signs of visible damage. This "return" romps through covers of Love and The Who as well as two dagger-ridden originals. Out of print except here where a handful remains.

The New Christs "Woe Betide" LRR 022 10"

1. In State
2. Only A Hole
3. These Rags
4. Corporate Son
5. Woe Betide
6. The Half That's Left
7. No Love Again Today
Get on board! This seven tracker has the New Christs thunderin' like no tomorrow. All new originals and filled with the brooding spirit that is their calling card. By now you have figured out my thoughts on these Squires of Sidney. The loss is yours, the gain is mine- whatever that means!

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