Neko Case "Canadian Amp" LRR 036 LP         [ next | back | main ]

Dreaming Man
Knock Loud
Make Your Bed
Poor Ellen Smith
In California
Alone and Forsaken
Canadian Amp was initially released as a tour and mail order only CD last year on Neko's own Lady Pilot label, comprised of Neko solo in her kitchen, covering the work of Canadian artists such as Sook-Yin Lee, Mike O'Neil (Inbreds), Neil Young, Lisa Marr, updates of Hank Williams tracks, and a pair of new originals (including the live favourite, Favourite). The feel is more morose and stripped down than on her previous albums, allowing Neko's voice to shine even more than ever. Chicago's Kelly Hogan, Jon Rauhouse, Andrew Bird, Tom Ray, and Andy Hopkins all guest. Demand for the limited CD was overwhelming, and rather than release it via conventional distribution, she has decided to let Lance Rock put it out as a vinyl only release proper, for the territory of the world, exclusively from us. There are no plans at present to release a CD version

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